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One-time use of anorectal stapler safe and easy

Date: 2018-09-10 13:50:17

The stapler is the world's first stapler for gastrointestinal anastosis for nearly a century until the tube stapler was widely used in gastrointestinal surgery in 1978. Generally divided into disposable or multiple use of stapler, imported or domestic stapler. It is a medical alternative to the traditional hand-stitched equipment, due to the development of modern technology and production technology improvements, the current clinical use of the stapler reliable, easy to use, tight, elastic fit, especially its stitching fast, easy to operate And few side effects and surgical complications and other advantages, but also makes the past can not be removed from the tumor surgery to remove the disease, is very popular with domestic and foreign clinical surgeons and respected.

One-time use of anorectal stapler is mainly applied to anorectal rectal mucosal prolapse or nevus mucosal tissue stapler repair.

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