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2017 years of medical equipment industry development 6 new features

Date: 2018-09-10 13:49:19

For the 2016 medical device industry a major positive policy, 2017 can see the results? As China has a huge consumer groups and the Government's active support, China's medical device market development space is broad, then, 2017 medical device industry What are the new features?

1, the medical device industry to create high value-added development

Industry, high risk and high input will inevitably need to support high returns, so the medical equipment industry R & D costs will lead to high investment in new high value-added medical devices, the only way to develop medical equipment enterprises, medical equipment Industry can take on greater social responsibility.

2, the product in the low-end-based

At present, China's fastener manufacturers in the production technology, equipment level, production technology and other aspects compared with foreign countries have a greater gap between the industry a large number of small businesses to produce low-end products. Even the larger domestic enterprises, product quality and performance behind the developed countries in Europe and America.

3, the trend of hospital information led to increased demand for medical equipment

With the development of computer and network technology, the informationization and networking of medical field is the development trend of medical management in the future. This trend will lead to the growth of demand for high-tech medical equipment such as image and digital. With the development of IT technology and its combination with medical technology, created a number of new medical methods.

In recent years, with the B-ultrasound, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance devices, linear accelerator, ultrasonic positioning in vitro shock wave lithotripsy, neural potential diagnostic system, positron emission tomography, gamma camera and a number of sophisticated medical equipment widely used , Medical device market sales growth is very alarming.

It is estimated that the total demand for the medical image archiving and communication system market is 21.17 billion yuan, and the market capacity of PACS will reach more than 30 billion yuan if the high-end video equipment and other ancillary equipment markets derived from it are taken into account.

4, a large number of export products

At present, China's low-end medical equipment products in the international market with high cost advantages, a large number of overseas exports, in recent years showed a rapid growth trend. Low-end medical equipment industry dependence on foreign trade is too high, the development of the industry has brought some adverse effects.

5, the situation of small and medium enterprises have not changed

China's medical equipment industry, although after more than 10 years of rapid development, but the industry has not changed the situation of small and medium enterprises, low, small, scattered medical industry in China is one of the important features of the industry's development depends on the production technology Continue to innovate and develop.

6, medical service needs to upgrade to promote health services needs

The gradual opening of the medical service market, so that domestic and foreign capital investment in China's medical service industry to speed up, which led directly to the medical device market demand.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the choice of medical equipment will be more advanced, its product structure will continue to adjust, more diversified features, market capacity will continue to expand. Medical equipment industry as an important industry to promote economic growth and improve national welfare, is an important part of China's national economy, with the people-oriented development concept continues to increase, China's medical device industry will be faster development.

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